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Although we are credible and well-funded, we have a great network of investors and keen to develop great relationships and offer secure and sensible investment opportunities. 

Are you a SSAS Trustee?  So are we!  We’re also keen to develop relationships with other SSAS Trustees and work together to achieve common property goals.  

With bespoke packages to suit your needs, LMA Property Solutions has got your property investments covered.

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Being happy in the home you live in is an essential basic human need.  Living in the right home for you can make an enormous difference to the quality and success of your life.  At LMA Property Solutions, we know this only too well and factor this into the process of understanding what works best for you.  Having a choice over where you live and how you live is an essential part of this process.  We carefully select properties in areas which best suit the needs of our customers with a focus on modern living, health and well-being, helping people with changing circumstances find high-quality, well-designed accommodation.

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